2016 SSANZ Safety at Sea NZ Baltic 50

3 September 2016

2016 SSANZ Safety at Sea NZ Baltic 50

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SSANZ Safety at Sea Two Handed Triple Series 2016

Want to challenge yourself ? Join in on New Zealand's biggest Two Handed Series.  With 3 races spaced approximately one month apart and courses to cater for all sizes of keelboat (and multihulls) SSANZ has come up with a successful formula that just gets better every year. The Safety at Sea Two Handed Triple Series is a must do event. So Download the Notice of Race, Enter online, organise a crew and come join the fun ! 

Major Sponsor Safety at Sea is back for another year along with Baltic, NZ Spars and Rigging and Evolution Sails. Please support the sponsors!

The sponsors are putting up a Major Spot Prize! to be drawn from competitors that complete all races and radio scheds, attend briefing and the Prizegiving.

This year all Series Entries include 2 free tickets to the Prizegiving.

Note Prizegiving Tickets are not transferable

Important dates to mark in your calendar are:

Race 1 NZ Spars and Rigging 60      9th July

Race 2 Evolution Sails 100              6th August

Race 3 Baltic 50                             3th September

Prizegiving 23rd September at RNZYS

Amendment 1

NOR/SI 6.2 shall be amended to read:

Racing Schedule: NZ Rigging 60                 - Saturday 9 July 2016
                              Evolution Sails 100         - Saturday 6 August 2016
                              Baltic 50                          - Saturday 3 September 2016

   Division                             Class                                Start Time       Flag
     Longhaul 1       Monohull PHRF .860 and above      0900            White
    Longhaul 2        Monohull PHRF .740 to .859            0900            Green
    Shorthaul 1       Traditional Keelboats PHRF             0905             Blue
                                   .700 to .799
    Shorthaul 2       Sports style Keelboats PHRF           0905            Yellow/Blue
                                   .700 to .799
    Shorthaul 3       Young 88 & Farr 1020                      0910         Blue/White
    Shorthaul 4   Monohull cruising. PHRF above .700   0915           Green/White
   Smallboat 3   Monohull cruising Yachts                      0915            Purple
                           under 12.5M
   Smallboat 1   Small heavy displacement keelboats    0920           Yellow
   Smallboat 2   Small light/medium displacement          0920           Pink
   Multihull          All Multihulls                                         0930        White/Yellow

Amendment 2

NOR/SI 7.4 Shall be amended to read:

Eight or more yachts of one class may apply to race as a class within divisions. 

Class yachts will race as a class in the divisions specified, regardless of handicap.

Amendment 3

Note: Printed NOR/SI's correct but online version has dropped one line from smallboat course

NOR/SI 8.3 Shall read:

Baltic 50 Longhaul & Multihull Course: Start passing Browns Island (starboard), Waiheke Island (port), Shearers Rock Buoy (port) to finish at Islington Bay  (approx. 49nm).

Baltic 50 Shorthaul & Farr 1020  Young 88 Course: Start passing Browns Island (starboard), Waiheke Island (port) to finish at Islington Bay (approx. 36nm).

Baltic 50 Smallboat Course: Start passing Browns Island (starboard), Rocky Bay Buoy (port), The Haystack (Oropapa) Island (port), Rakino Island (port) to finish at Islington Bay (approx. 27nm).

Download promotional file #1: NOR SI's Final A4.pdf