Mangonui Multi Two Handed 2008

27 January 2008

Mangonui Multi Two Handed 2008

Enjoyed the SSANZ B&G Simrad series and heard all about the Round North Island Race and wondered what it would be like ? Here is the chance for bigger multihulls to take part in leg 1 of the Race in their own sprint up to Mangonui. What could be better a great blast up the coast followed by a party and then watch the Round North Island fleet depart for their trip around the top and down the rugged west coast while you can have a leisurely cruise back to Auckland. 

Yachts will be required to meet Category 2 and the crews will need to prove their ability.

For further information or to register your interest contact either Race Director David Cooke email or SSANZ Chairman Cameron Thorpe 

Download promotional file #1: multi manganui NOR.pdf