Summer Shorthanded Events

6 February 2010

So what can you do over Summer shorthanded while waiting for the B&G Simrad Triple Series to come around again ???

Panmure and Richmond Yacht Clubs have a couple of good options.


Firstly Panmure have the infamous Two Handed Three Legged race. This is a fun event with plenty of time to socialise with other crew and good racing in between. Last time I did the event you were practically guaranteed a bottle or two of rum...


Secondly Richmond Yacht Club is having a race to Marsden Cove and is very keen to include a shorthanded division. Shorter than the Coastal Classic, warmer weather... what more could you ask.


Click on links below for further info.

Download promotional file #1: 2 handed 3 legged Panmure.pdf

Download promotional file #2: Marsden Cove Richmond Race.pdf