2012 Round New Zealand Two Handed Race

25 February 2012

2012 Round New Zealand Two Handed Race

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Are you looking for New Zealand's Ultimate Yachting Challenge ???



Starting on the 25th of February 2012


Leg 1 Auckland to Mangonui

Leg 2 Mangonui to Stewart Island

Leg 3 Stewart Island to Napier

Leg 4 Napier to Auckland


Entrants will need to meet SSANZ requirements (to be set out in Notice of Race) and complete a suitable qualifying voyage. So get organised and use the 2011 Round North Island Race as a build up and qualifier.


Please register your interest to Steve Newcombe at snewcombe@callplus.net.nz and be kept informed as things develop.


Limited to the first 20 competitors to enter and pay.


Amendments to Notice of Race


Amendment 1


13.1 Shall be amended to read:


13.1 All Yachts are required to be fitted with a suitably installed diesel inboard.


Amendment 2


Notice of Race Rule 2 will be amended to read:



The Racing Rules will be changed in accordance with rule 86 as follows:

2.1 Rule 41 will be changed to outside assistance is allowed for repairs. (see clause 10)

2.2 Rule 51 is amended to allow boats with Canting Keels and water ballast to compete.

2.3 Rule 52 is deleted.

2.4 A boat may carry one more spinnaker than shown on her current IRC certificate of

area not greater than rated SPA without an increase in rating

2.5 A boat competing under IRC may carry a spare mainsail onboard while racing. The spare mainsail may only be used in the event of significant damage to the primary mainsail. The crew must inform the race committee if they use the spare mainsail in the mandatory declaration made at the end of each leg.

2.6 A boat must request permission from the race committee to add to or change sails carried on each leg.


Summary.    These changes are primarily to clarify expectations for IRC boats and also to keep the Race Committee informed of changes which may effect any boat in the fleet.


Amendments to the Sailing Instructions


Amendment 1

Sailing Instruction rule 23 shall be ammended to read:



Each participating boat shall be insured with a valid third party liability Insurance cover with a minimum

sum insured of three million dollars and a recommended cover of five million dollars.


Download promotional file #1: RNZ 2012 NOR.pdf

Download promotional file #2: SAILING INSTRUCTIONS Final.pdf