2014 SSANZ Round North Island Two Handed Race

8 February 2014

2014 SSANZ Round North Island Two Handed Race

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The SSANZ SIMRAD Triple Series has successfully introduced alot of sailors to the challenges and satisfaction of Two Handed Sailing. With the fleets getting bigger every year this style of racing has proven it's appeal. But what if you have mastered the SIMRAD Series and now need a bigger challenge ?

What if you want to embark on what could be the greatest adventure of your life ?

Then the Two Handed Round North Island Race is for you !

SSANZ runs this race every three years. If you want to take on the challenge now is the time to start your preparations. Yachts will be required to meet Category 2 and the crews will need to prove their ability.

The next race is February 2014 and for further information or to register your interest contact either 
Race Director Jon Henry email danaide@xtra.co.nz
SSANZ Chairman Cameron Thorpe email thorpecameron@xtra.co.nz. 


Time you joined the exculsive club.... those who have completed the SSANZ Two Handed Round North Island Race.


Starting on the 8th February 2014


Leg 1 Auckland to Mangonui

Leg 2 Mangonui to Wellington

Leg 3 Wellington to Napier

Leg 4 Napier to Auckland


Entry is limited to 30 boats

Note when clicking on the view entries button the * signifies the boats that have paid the entry fee.

Amendment 1

Notice of Race amendment to Rule 1.2
Rule 1.2 shall be changed to read

1.2 The YNZ Safety Regulations Part II Category 2 shall apply:

All boats must carry the following equipment:

Category 1 liferaft for the duration of the race as defined by rule 17.11 (refer SR Appendix 2) or Category 2 life raft for the duration of the race as defined by rule 17.11 (refer SR Appendix 2) will be acceptable providing the following items are carried as extras in the vessels grab bag. 2 parachute flares (red) in addition to the yacht's flares, 1/2 litre of water per person,1/2 kilo of food per person

406mhz EPIRB registered to the racing yacht for the duration of the race. SSB Marine Radio and/or Satellite voice communication and VHF transceiver properly installed with a registered call sign. The SSB must have a minimum transmitting power of 60 watts. Emergency antennas must be carried if primary antennas are supported by the rig.

SSB frequencies required are:

Transmit and receive on 2182 emergency and calling

Transmit and receive on 4125 emergency and calling

Transmit and receive on 4146 coast and intership

Transmit and receive on 6215 emergency and calling

Transmit and receive on 6224 coast and intership


Amendment 2

Notice of Race amendment to Rule 6

Rule 6 shall be changed to read:


  1. 6.1  Inspection:

    4th February 2014
    Every boat must be within an approved central Auckland Marina, with a current Category 2 certificate and be available for inspection by two or more honorary inspectors appointed by the Race Committee from this date. Boats failing to pass inspection will be notified and will be free to either remedy the defects and request a further inspection
    , or accept disqualification.

  2. 6.2  Farewell Function:
    Friday 7
    th February 2014 at RNZYS 12pm

  3. 6.3  Briefing:
    Friday 7th February 2014 at RNZYS 10am
    It is mandatory that all skippers and crew attend this briefing.

  4. 6.4  Racing Schedule:
    Leg One: Saturday 8th February 2014 Start Time 1400hrs.

  5. 6.5  The compulsory stopover durations are:
    * Mangonui 24 hours Minimum after the 60% boat finishes. * Wellington 48 hours minimum after the 60% boat finishes * Napier 48 hours minimum after the 60% boat finishes

  6. 6.6  There will be a mass start of each leg at a convenient time set by the Race Officer soon after 60% of the fleet have fulfilled the stopover duration

Amendment 3

The Sailing Instructions are amended to include the addition of:

15.15     A boat shall not receive radio communications that are not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile and satelite telephones. Boats are permitted to communicate with media or race officials for the purpose of publicity and promotion but NOT to gain information to help their performance

Amendment 4

Sailing Instruction 4 shall be amended to read:

4                                 THE COURSE: 
The course rounds the North Island of New Zealand in an anticlockwise direction starting and finishing in Auckland?s Waitemata Harbour.

                                    *  Leg 1: (154 Nautical Miles) 
From the start in Auckland to the finish off Mangonui Harbour

                                    *  Leg 2: (518 Nautical Miles) 
From the start off the entrance to Mangonui Harbour to round the top of the North Island and down the West Coast leaving Barrett Reef Buoy to port, Port Halswell Light to port, to finish in Oriental Bay, Wellington Harbour.

                                    *  Leg 3: (205 Nautical Miles)
Start in Wellington Harbour, around Cape Palliser and Cape Kidnappers to finish off Napier Harbour.

                                    *  Leg 4: (367 Nautical Miles)
Start from a start line off the entrance to Napier Marina passing North Pania Cardinal Mark to starboard, leaving Portland Island to port, rounding East Cape and Cape Colville to finish in Auckland?s Waitemata Harbour.


Download promotional file #1: 2014 RNI NOR FINAL.pdf

Download promotional file #2: Medical check.pdf

Download promotional file #3: 2014 RNI SI's final .pdf

Download promotional file #4: SSANZ RNI 2014 Brochure Latest.pdf