2013 ATL B&G Simrad 50

7 September 2013

2013 ATL B&G Simrad 50

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SSANZ B&G SIMRAD Two Handed Triple Series 2013

Want to challenge yourself ? Join in on New Zealand's biggest Two Handed Series.  With 3 races spaced approximately one month apart and courses to cater for all sizes of keelboat (and multihulls) SSANZ has come up with a successful formula that just gets better every year. The SIMRAD Two Handed Triple Series is a must do event. So Download the Notice of Race, Enter online, organise a crew and come join the fun ! 

It's the 21st Anniversary of the Triple Series so make sure your a part of the fun!

Important dates to mark in your calender are:

Race 1   13th July

Race 2   10th August

Race 3     7th September

Prizegiving 4th October at RNZYS

Amendment 1

Clause 2.3 shall be changed to read:

Series entries will be accepted until the closing date of 11th July 2013, by completing the entry form online at www.ssanz.co.nz accompanied by the fee:

Series entry fee: SSANZ B&G Simrad Two-Handed Triple Series $130.00

Single race entry fees are:           

B&G Simrad 60 $65.00

B&G Simrad 100 $65.00

B&G Simrad 50 $65.00

Entry for individual races closes at 6pm on the Wednesday immediately before the start of the race.

Amendment 2

Clause 19.8 shall be changed to read:

A prizegiving will be held at RNZYS on Friday 4th October 6:30pm onwards.

Amendment 3

Clause 1 shall be changed to read:

Rule 1.1 shall be changed to read:    

The racing will be governed by the rules as defined in - Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 (RRS). The following YNZ Safety Regulations shall apply: 

Longhaul Divisions:    Keelers   Races 1 & 3: Part II Category 4, 

                                               Race 2: Part II Category 3
                                 Multihulls -Part II Category 4

Shorthaul Divisions and Smallboat Division: Keelers - Part II Category 4
                                                                  Trailer Boats - Part V Category A

Amendment 4

Rule 6.1 shall be amended to include:

B&G Simrad 100 Multihull Course: 

The number of the course to be sailed will be displayed from the Committee Boat prior to the warning signal.
Course 1
Start passing Motutapu Island (port), rounding Little Barrier Island (port), to finish Orakei Wharf. (approx.84nm)
Course 2
Start passing Motutapu Island (port), rounding Motuora Island (starboard), Flat Rock (starboard), Tarahiki Island (Shag Island) (starboard),Waiheke Island to (port), Rakino Island (port) passing Rangitoto Island (port) to finish Orakei Wharf. (approx 82nm)

Amendment 5        

Rule 9.1 shall be amended to include:

The Finish Line shall be a line between the mast of the SSANZ Committee Boat and the eastern seaward end of Orakei Wharf. However for multihulls in the B&G Simrad 100 race the finish line will be between the mast of either the NZMYC or SSANZ Committee Boat and the eastern end of Orakei Wharf.

Amendment 6 
Rule 1.7 Will be amended to read:
In One-Design divisions the relevant Class Rules will apply. The Class Rules for Pied Pipers will be those allowing the use of prods and gennakers as authorised by the Pied Piper Class Owners Association Committee. The Class Rules for the Young 88 division will be modified to allow them to carry and use a second measured class no.1 spinnaker. This sail may be carried in addition to standard set of class sails. This sail must be the same throughout the series and be on-board for all races if carried.

Amendment 7
Rule 2.2 Is amended to allow boats competing in Smallboat Division 2 until 9th August 2013 to obtain a current PHRF Certificate. This PHRF certificate will be applied to the results of race 1.

Download promotional file #1: 2013 B&G Simrad NOR +SI A4.pdf