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Carenza Leg 1 Report

02 Mar 2008

Dear All


Herewith an account of our activities to date on Carenza.


This account has been written by Robert my sailing companion with a few mods by me.



Leg 1 round north island yacht race


We started off Devonport wharf with our fans wearing hi vis yellow suits waving their arms in support of us. We were eager to get underway after a delay of 20 hours was enforced due to very strong winds.


We lined up in a mass start and a fresh north eastlery wind. We got off the start line well on stbd tack heading toward the wharf we had everyone on stbd. Apart from one port tacker who refused to move forcing us back in a crash tack. This forced us to the other side of the harbour and as Carenza doesn't tack fast, we were pushed into sailing to Oraki wharf where we got a massive shift to the right and overlayed north head allowing the entire fleet to overtake us.


Carenza lifted her feet and with fullmain staysail and number 2 jib we headed toward tiri passage.


All was looking good as the breeze moderated the cloud lifted and the sun shone for the first time in a week.


We got to Kauwau  and off Omaha beach when the wind shut down completely. We sat drifting so we decided to put up our spinnaker and head out to sea with a small vein of wind we hooked into. We started to sail round our competition but were heading towards little barrier not an ideal heading.


Eventually it shut down and we were completely becalmed. We got out dinner had a meal and then got excited about the idea of changing sails, and boy  did we open a can of worms. Sail changes have now become a favourite past time on this vessel. And our arms are aching from pulling up the genoa halyard.


A exert from the log reads: start: main and number 2 change to 1 spinnaker up back to 1 change to the 2 and staysail, staysail up, staysail down, staysail up, staysail down, again finish at mangonui!


Finally the wind kicked in and we had a beautiful reach up to cape brett. We ummed and aaahed about wether to go inside or outside the hole in the rock. But after watching one competitor go in and never come out we stayed out. There is a good thing about being at the rear of the pack everyone else makes the mistakes for you!!


We got up to Cavali islands and slipped through a gap and were becalmed for 10 scary minutes as the surf broke on the rocks all around us. But a little zephur of wind allowd us to carry on our merry way.


We had Sunstone in our sights nearing mangonui we did everything we could but the old S&S classic was too much for us on the wind and we had to take our hats off to her for this leg anyway.