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Carenza Leg 2 Report

03 Mar 2008

We had a fantastic race even with our crap handicap we were placed 12th all the smaller boats did well as there were a few wind gates. here is what happened we had a tight spin reach out of mangonui to the tip of doubtless bay then we laid up slightly cracked to north cape the breeze slowly backed near the top and we laid through to cape Reinga. as the breeze was backing and we wanted to be offshore a bit for more wind we carried on port tack and within 4 hours we had lifted and were laying the rum line to cape egmont in good breeze (the others in a hole close to shore) I think we were about 20 miles offshore at that stage. the breeze died for 5 hours and we flopped along between two swells. the boat was rocking itself and we were managing 2 knots very funny with no wind or tide flopping along at 2 knots.

the swell died down as we got into deeper water and we managed our light kite running it at 50-60 degrees apparent in 3 knots, we ghosted down the coast in the lightest of e nor easterlies, we had it up for 30 hours. the breeze started to build and back round to the north we were talking about getting the kite off when we reached 8 knots of speed and 19 apparent, then a gust of 21 blew out the clew of our only downwind sail!! gutted.

from there we stuck to the rum line like glue as the wind built we were cruising toward mt Egmont and the lights of new Plymouth. The fire blazing from the gas fields offshore created an amazing flickering loom off to the south west. the swell built to 3 meters and we were blasting along and hit a new record speed for the boat 12.2 knots down a massive wave with an entourage of 30 common dolphins riding the bow wave.

there was another whole in the morning in what seemed to be the lee of mt Egmont which was mind-boggling that the mountain could have such an effect.

finally the wind filled in from the north and built to 30 knots. we poled out our jib to windward and the staysail to leeward. coming towards Kapati a low had developed in the Tasman and was doing funny things to the wind it started to go north west then east then west then back to the east in 3 hours. we flopped around for a built then the forecast was for 40 knots from the north again we decided to leave the rum line and head inland toward mana island off the Kapiti coast as the centre of the low was near the brothers rocks off the south island.

this move payed well as we got 30 knots instead of 2 and caught up to some of the boats ahead very nicely. cook straight was a gamble we reached karori rock with 3 knots of current pushing us to the finish line 11 knots over the ground. turned the corner into the harbour and the wind died and the rain came down with vengeance. the wind boxed the compass we had between 3 and 30 knots with the big number 1 headsail and full main and stay sail, when the puffs hit we ditched the halyard of the number 1 and let it fall to the deck and sailed on full main and staysail only. great combination in 30 knots.

the northerly kicked in and we finished off port nick yacht club.