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It's a special race...

15 Mar 2008


Being the poor sucker that spends hours behind a computer screen to keep the website up to date has many disadvantages....but on the positive side virtually all the Thank you emails are addressed to me !!! Anyway as you are all aware it takes alot of effort from alot of people to make such an event a success. So here are some of the "Thanks" recieved which I am sure are directed at the whole SSANZ team, the helpers and supporters at each stopover and their yacht clubs. Also Maritime Radio and the Rescue Centre and all the sailmakers, riggers etc that helped ensure the fleet were ready to go again. Also thanks to all the competitors. The event is all about you ! Anyone even thinking about doing the next RNI would have to be a certainty after reading what follows...



Now that I have had a few days to gain some much needed sleep I must say a big thank you to all you guys at SSANZ for running such a great race. As a second timer this race was different in that we always had boats around us to keep us focussed. Whilst the huge amount of uphill work did not entirely suit us we felt reasonably happy with the final results.

I think the value of your great web site was demonstrated by the huge interest back in Tauranga to the point that I was unable to escape TYPBC on Wednesday night before giving a short rendition on the race before all assembled.

Finally can I join the chorus to all those wonderful people around the country who stayed up all hours to welcome us in to port.

See you April


Kent Jarman

Not Negotiable





Hi Cameron,

Just to let you know that I will be attending the
prize-giving on 5 April. Sadly, Vicky can't as she has
to be in England to attend another award dinner. That
one is for cruising!

We'd also like to add our thanks to those with which
you've rightly been flooded. We have raced in 17
countries in all sorts of events, but have never seen
a committee work harder to make an event really work
for the competitors. We were also very, very impressed
with the support from the Clubs at the three
stop-overs. It is a great race and we hope that it
goes from strength to strength.

I am writing up some brief leg reports for Legs 2-4
and will include a wrap-up in the final report. Vicky
will also go through her photos and we will forward
any which we think might be of general interest.

We will also send you a separate debrief on our views
of the race organisation.

All the best,

Tom & Vicky Jackson, Sunstone




Hi Cameron .

                     I am writing to thank you and your committee for organising such a great race. I have competed in a number of offshore and long distance races and I believe this race is a unique event,

The actual racing was, like all yacht racing, really good fun but the thing that made the event special to me was the atmosphere at the three stopovers.

At Mangonui the locals couldn't have been more helpful right from the boys in the ribs who came out at a moments notice to take you ashore to the girls in the clubrooms. One of who thought nothing of giving up her club work to drive us around to the shops for a few supplies.

We arrived in Napier at around midnight and to have Markus step on board, help tidy up all sails and guide us through all the lights to our raft up spot set the tone for a great couple of days rest in Napier. Mind you the boat he rafted us up with  (Second Nature) meant the end of a bottle of rum and no bed until 4am.

The most surprising finish to any of the legs was the final one in Auckland. I was very surprised that we received the same welcome in Auckland as we had in all the other centres and I apologise to SSANZ for thinking they wouldn't match the others.

The wind down drinks in Westhaven were a great touch and a perfect way to finish a memorable couple of weeks.

Finally I don't believe I have ever had the chance to meet and socialise with so many fellow competitors in all the time I have been racing, just one more thing that makes this race special.


Thanks again for a great event


Paddy Greene 

 (Crew on Danaide)



Hi Cameron


Just a quick note to say thanks to SSANZ for organizing such an excellent event, I enjoyed it immensely!  Please extend my particular thanks to David Cooke and all the other SSANZ people, like Steve Ashley etc, who made the race so well run and, of course, all the great people at the stopovers.

In my opinion, SSANZ is the most vital  and interesting sailing club/group operating in NZ at present and this is the reason that so many yachties are supporting our events.

Thank you too for your efforts for SSANZ Cameron, the website was excellent, all my family etc commented on how interesting it was to follow.

See you at the Prizegiving.



Kind regards


Tony Morgan





A very good web site reporting of the race.

Andrew Riddell



Big Thanks From Not Negotiable's Land Crew!!!!!

Your work is very much appreciated. This is Gary's third RNI and I am glued to the computer. Looking forward to when Kent and him get cell phone coverage. Hope the wind kicks in soon, I know how inpatient Gary is in light winds. Keep up the tremendous work I for one appreciate it. When Gary and I sailed a 26 footer part way around the world in the early 70's my mother had to wait to get a telegram or letter from our intended destination. We've come a long way in the communications sector.
Sincere thanks
Kay Urwin.