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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad

Simrad 50 Redress hearings and decision

01 Aug 2008

SSANZ received two requests for redress after the B&G Simrad 50. The hearings will be held at RNZYS at 1930hrs Thursday 31st August

Drop Dead Fred's request


Travellin' Man's request

Redress for attending to a "man-overboard" incident during SSANZ Race 1, Saturday 19th July 2008.


 Whilst running down the back of Motutapu Island, on the northern side of the Motuihe Channel, under full main and #1 we noticed the boat slightly ahead suddenly turn into the wind. At that time we also noticed a person in the water. The wind was gusting, probably in the low 20s, and we had noticed Oracle having some difficulties with their spinnaker hoist. At the time we were steady at 9 knots with bursts over 10. We immediately dropped our headsail and turned to assist with the pick up in case Drop Dead Fred missed him in their attempt. We stood by until he was safely on board. Once that was achieved we rejoined the racing. I am unsure of the exact time of the incident but know that we did loose touch with other boats around us at the time. It was not until we entered the Tamaki Strait, on the way home, that we came into contact with them again. Dropping the headsail, beating back to weather, and standing-by would have accounted for at least 10 minutes of our time. Coast Guard did attend after the incident, picking Bob up from DDF and returning him to Oracle. At the top of Motutapu we were approximately 10 minutes behind Jagged Edge.


Richard Limbrick


Travell'n Man.