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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad

Hot Prospect's B&G Simrad 50 Report

25 Jul 2008

Hi Cameron

I emailed this to the boat owner as he was away for this race and kindly lent the boat to us. You may wish to edit it if you choose to use it any where. And I have no problem with that.

We were on Hot Prospect in the small boat race.

It was a great days sailing so thanks to you and your team.




Firstly thank you very much for letting us use the boat it was great,


Sorry it has taken so long to send you an email about the race but thinking about it Saturday afternoon. I had left your email address on this computer, and it?s not at home. So here goes Hot Prospects first SIMRAD and what a race. We had every thing. Wind direction NNE most of the day. Both strong and light. Rain and sun. Mirror like water and waves. Some reports I?ve seen say 2 meter swells but I think maybe up to two. The boat handles beautifully in these.


It started quite early I thought I was going top beat Bryon to the boat. But walking along the marina I sore the lights on in H.P. Bryon were there already and rearing to go. So we started by preparing the boat. It was only two loads to the car. Dehumidifier, dingy, a few tins. And the BBQ. (There wasn?t going to be time for that anyway.)  Shortly after 8 we decided we should get a wriggle on and head down to the start. It was awesome to see all the boats leaving the marina and heading for the start. Boats of every size shape and speed. With the wind around 10knots (I think) we decided to put the full main up and just watched all the boats milling around. Now?s when the fun starts we watched the first and second starts go, there were a lot of boats in the second start, and it was great to see. (You will for the next one)


About 15mins from our start we gave the call to unroll the head sail and we started to get ready. We could see a squall coming through and I wasn?t sure how long it was going to be there for. So we sent Bryon forward and placed a reef in the main (left the full head sail out.) and then headed for the start line. We crossed the start line seconds after the start and from where I was sitting I reckon we were first over the start line. And then we were off. Unfortunately on a port tack, we had to tack out so we did and then proceeded to head out of the harbor and into the channel to take advantage of the out going tide. Crossing tacks with several small boats as we went. The wind was now dropping off a little so again Bryon went forward and we shock out the reef. Again we were off and able to take advantage of the size of the boat in these conditions. Shortly after getting around Rangi Light the wind dropped again and the small boats started to take off we matched a tracker and a reactor up the side of the island for quite some time and then as the wind dropped out more we started to be headed (by about 10 degrees ) compared to the smaller boats. As we reached the top of Mototapu about Billy Goat point the wind came back in and all of a sudden we were back on the hunt first surveillance (tracker) then Christie (tracker).


The wind stayed in and as we rounded haystack we found our selves in between Muntera (raven 26) and Christie all with our headsails polled out would have looked quite cool. We were all getting lifts of the waves and surfing small amounts. We were also powering though the waves when they were slowing but it was an even match. We had to do something to get out of there so we did. We slipped behind them and went for the kite. (Still not sure if it was the right move won?t ever know) but as we played with that and the wind died out, the two boats be side us left and we continued as we were. (Still need more practice) as we approached the bottom of Motuihue we put in a gibe and continued on. At the end of the island the wind had come around a little and only one boat was still carrying a kite. I found out latter it was a chicken chute not a full sized sail and they were having problems. (looked like fun) we dropped the kite (not the prettiest drop but it stayed dry) and un rolled the Genoa and we were of hitting 8.2 knot?s and maintaining high 7? was about now Andar sailed past the first mono home a open fifty. All the Multi?s were also home by now probably tucked up in bed.  We were on the hunt again and had surveillance in our sites. Once around Browns Island we could see the low clouds hanging there the city was grey and bleak low clouds we got wet. Very wet and as the squall past we found our selves becoming becalmed and where I thought we had money in the bank for beam rock we didn?t we through another tack in and away we went again. Surveillance over took us again on the last leg to the finish we headed for the wharf end of the line and made it. We finished at 1500 just 20 seconds behind surveillance.  The safety boat gave us rum and cokes which went down a treat.


So all in all it was a great day thanks again for supplying the boat and the crew. I hope your looking forward to the next one. I know I am.


See you in a couple of weeks.


Hot Prospect