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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad

Communique B&G Simrad 60 report

04 Aug 2008

Communiqué's SIMRAD 08 R2

The clock radio wakes me at 0600 the news of the morning concludes with "The low forecast for Saturday by the Met service didn't develop as quickly as expected" I had noticed. A quick shower on with the polypro and the birthday pressy thermal sox from my Princess. (How do kidz learn they can give you sox and ties when they get sexy stuff like iPods?) Then it is down the passage to the darkened kitchen; soup in the microwave, chicken in the buns, and in the browser. SIMRAD 60 is good to go, Cam you beau tee.

In the car on Tamaki Drive the heavens have opened onto the cyclists' time trial, It would be so good to be 17 again and riding in the rain... By Westhaven the rain has stopped and I join Stew to rig up and get going, a cheery wave to Andy Kemp on Hot Gossip and we are off. Destiny in Motion calls in to SSANZ on Ch77 and we do like wise

Headsail choice is a poser, a dire forecast but there is only 10 knots of wind. It has to be the #1. We make a lonely start by the wharf, the only soldier in step on this parade it seems. It is a good call and we look sweet by North Head. Rattle and Hum sails down on a converging course with a gennaker and disappears to leeward; Playbouy makes a very determined statement with her spinnaker and similarly disappears.

By Rangi light it is fresh but we are well eased at about 70 degrees apparent and decide to keep the #1. On checking the course to Tiri Navy Buoy it becomes clear I have not mastered the electronic navigation of our chart plotter and it is time to get the paper chart out with all the bearings marked up.

We are in quality company at Tiri and immediately set the kite. A bit of screamer at the time so it is the chicken chute. The small kite feels good at 25 knots but pedestrian at 20. Never the less it is a good opportunity for lunch. After lunch it all feels a little too slow in only 15-16 knots so the call is change to the big kite. The carefully banded kite soars out of the bag effortlessly... sideways. Call it a senior moment. Resetting the kite challenges us but two wineglass wraps later we are on the rumble again. Just to spite us the wind freshens and at 25-28 knots we agree it should have been the big one anyway.

There are some truly excellent moments on the last few miles to Gannet Rock. On the wind with the #2 we settle to the task in hand, we grind down most of the skidders and by Palm Beach we have Josh and Jagged clearly in our sights. By Oneroa we are crossing tacks with F1020s and the S34 Promise who seems to have recovered from a monumental chinese on the previous leg.

This leg offers lots of opportunities with 30 degree wind shifts between the rain squalls and the sunshine. We are grinding along with our #2 sheeted in close on the cabin top but it seems to work in what is really only a very modest chop. After Motihue the conditions are much more moderate and thoughts turn to sore muscles and aching bones. We finish just behind Triple8 the winning Y88 the F1020s Mad Max and Azure. The stand out performance must be Playbouy who is no where to be seen.

Home to Westhaven fold the sails and review the electronic data, a max speed recorded of 17.59 knots but I missed it, to busy holding on as we speared into the back of a green wave I should imagine. It has been a big day at the office but now it is home to a hot bath, and I wonder what my chances are of a back rub?

Fendall Halliburton