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Radio Scheds

07 Sep 2008

Every year at briefing SSANZ stresses the importance of checking in  and keeping the Race committee and/or Coastguard informed. Most competitors seem to be able to do this and SSANZ appreciates the effort as it makes our job much easier.

Unfortunately there are also those that don't... and we do know who you are ! At the completion of each race Coastguard emails SSANZ a spreadsheet with all the check ins and times they were made. SSANZ also get a list with all the boats not heard from highlighted in red. Judging on how it is often the same names occurring, either some competitors are oblivious to the importance, have an equipment issue or just don't care.

So here is a link to a copy of the radio scheds with Coastguard for all races.

If you show on this list as either no contact or intermitant contact please either make more of an effort in future OR go and see our sponsors Advance Trident Limited and get yourself some decent equipment !

Note some boats did manage to contact SSANZ directly instead.