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B&G Simrad

Danaide's 2009 B&G Simrad 50 report

05 Jul 2009

2009 B&G Simrad 50


Well it's that time of the year again. So it?s up to Pine Harbour from the Waikato on Friday arvo to get ready, firstly lift out for a wash then make a quick check that everything is on board and ready for immediate use, yes the fridge is stocked and the rum stocks are correct. So now it's to the pub for dinner then back to the boat for an early night. By 0630 Saturday morning we are motoring out of the marina, the coffee is ready and the Baked Beans are eaten on the way (don't what to run out of wind).

By 0800 we are the 3rd to the start line and the committee Boat it just setting up the line so we have a good look at the wind and decide on #1 and full main and that the place to start will be at the wharf end on starboard, but there isn't going to be to much room with the breakwater so close. The plan is to sneak in behind the first start on port and then lose time head to wind for a 30 sec run to the line on starboard, but we missed Eleanor starting a bit late and had to take drastic action to avoid them (Sorry), so now the wharf end is packed and it's all getting messy (over 50 boats in our start). Now we are on starboard but dead slow plus I have lost track of the time so I ask the Farr 9.2 beside us how long to go, they reply that we have started, so we power up and settle into our work. We lay across to Rangi light in 15kts and by now have 8 ahead of us, Zen who has already passed two Longhaul boats well ahead, 2 1020, Crewcial Fix, Pahi and Acclaim plus DDF and 2 other sporties. We seemed to have good speed but not pointing as well as most. We made some good gains after tacking out passed A buoy and laying through to Administration Bay. By now we have the large cruisers coming though us and we are starting to pass the back markers in the Longhaul fleet, then the first shower hits, we can tack and lay round Billy Goat point with Zen already out of sight and only Max Headroom and Pahi in front but plenty all around. Going down the back of Motuhi we decide on a Tui and just let the others see if a bag was going to work, the 1020 ahead then the one beside told us it was a little too tight so we held off (one thing we have learnt over the years is that shorthanded, short term gains can also turn into big losses if it doesn't work) then after the beer the angle was right but the GPS was saying only 12min to Motuihe Green so it was back to the fridge for another and while your down there Paddy can you put the pie's in the oven. The wind softens on the reach across Motuihe and then settles into a nice 12-15kts for the beat down the Tamaki Strait, we decide to strait line it but most seem to be putting some in the bank except the 2 1020s the are off playing their own game. Off Awaawaroa Bay we start to get Knocked and just after saying we will need to tack or get a massive lift the second rain front comes through and we are having to ease sheets to stay on our feet and lay down to Passage Rock, what luck.

So we round Passage Rock with Pahi bitting at our heels and only Zen ahead but they are off playing with the big boys in the distance, With the wind shift we are now hard on and heading back home again, but as we pass Awaawaroa Bay it starts to swing back aft and by Rocky we have our kite up but that Pahi seems to be attached as we don't seem to be able to lose then. Then the highlight of the race was being welcomed back into the Harbour by a Whale in between Motuhi and Browns, great sight so close to Auckland.

More rain between Browns and the finish with a jibe at Bean Rock and finishing in 20+ kts. Giving us second on line and PHRF.

Thanks SSANZ and see you all in a month.