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B&G Simrad

Champer's 2009 B&G Simrad 50 report

05 Jul 2009

Well, what can I say...
Having started on a learning venture with my hubby some 2 years ago,and very new to sailing, I have committed myself to the Simrad series 2009 having only done the 60 last year...phew
Our Champers, a Farr 9.2 ,did us proud yesterday.We had a great days sailing, with mostly an un-eventful time for the average sailor.. We only had one spat which I got over fairly quickly. I helmed most of the race and as I have had a compact learning experience over the past 2 years, it's been quite a challenge. That's just as well 'cause all that running around the decks looks too hard..
I felt quite accomplished having seen a spinaker shredded, plenty of others rounding up and all the more so having seen boats behind us with more sailing experience.
Our race story goes...
We got off to a reasonable start with me nervously on the helm, being mindfull on where all the other Farr 9.2 were. We spent some time settling into the race, keeping a lookout for fellow Weiti club members and the 9.2s...
We kept in touch with 2 other Farrs and were quite happy with our progress... During the race we kept in contact with all but "Hot Gossip" who managed to enlude us all, having made fabulous decisions that paid off..The rest of us bandied about abit, all taking our risks that didn't always pay off..
I only had one of 5 gybes of the spinaker that nearly knocked my hubby overboard, so that's gotta count for something.. 
All and all , there's not too much to relay..we had a good race.
Thanks to all officials and supporters. See you next race..
Cheers Tracey