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Creepy Crawler's 2009 B&G Simrad 50 report

05 Jul 2009

Well where to start on the Creepy Crawlers (Multihull74) race...

We managed to pull of a decent start, (Quite a lot of line length for 10 multis) Then we just sheeted on and hoped for the best as we tried to keep up with the 8.5 cats who were flying. We did well until it got choppier in the Rangi channel, then the short (7.5m) waterline and three hulls didn't help us alot. We flew off some pretty decent waves and crashed into the backs of the next ones, everytime looking around to see what could have broken, luckily we held together fine.

Tacking back on the layline to rakino we had a much better angle to the seaway and had a great little ride, powered up on the wind slowly working our way through the ross 40's etc. Then things went a bit quiet for us on the beat along waiheke, a little underpowered at times we dropped back a bit on the other multi's.

Coming into the gap between gannet and hooks bay we had heaps on with the squal coming through as we were cracking off to take the corner, blast reaching around the point totally out of control with spray everywhere was fun until the bows started digging in and we realised it was only going to get windier so we dropped the jib and tried a reef in the main, but still had the bows driving in hard down the waves, so main down and jib up for a few minutes while we waited for the squall to pass, this hurt a bit but it meant we didnt break the boat, We also saw a lot of mono's bareheaded for a while which was comforting that we werent the only ones! Around the corner we hoisted a chute and gybe, gybe, gybe gybe and more gybe zig zagging our way home until we got to motuihe and the breeze went forward on the fleet. We were just holding the gennaker to browns island spark plug but it was tight and the boat was smoking! Then something had to give and poor old "patchy" the gennaker decided to give up the ghost and split in half so from there it was a very slow two sail into the finish which let the Hyper overtake us again sadly... Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
:( Still third on handicap given the sea state, i am very happy with!

Overall it was a great race, fairly challenging at times,and very wet! I now understand why they have a minimum length multihull on the longhaul course cus i wouldnt have wanted to be in the squall in much smaller!

Thanks to the SSANZ for a well run event, and should the weather be alright we will hopefully be there for the second race...