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Penury's 2009 B&G Simrad 50 report

06 Jul 2009

B & G Simrad 50

Farr 1020 Penury;

Had a good day out on the Penury. It started with a trip to the shop for some Beers at 7am, followed by a dirty McDonalds breakfast and a cruise down the harbour to Orakei wharf.

Assessing the line pre-start we decided that the wharf end was the place to be, however with the location of the breakwater it was always going to be difficult to hold position up there for any length of time. With about 90 seconds to go we made our run for the wharf end, were 3rd boat down the line from the wharf underneath the Drop Dead Fred who had a blinder of a start. 30 seconds before the gun we realised we were early and did a very dodgy circle back which put us on Port tack just below the line in front of 20 or so starboard tackers (there is a great photo of this on the ssanz website). Was a fairly risky manouvre but we pulled it off with about a boatlength to spare before infringing any of the other boats who were luckily hanging back well behind the line on starboard, we tacked back onto starboard right on the gun and were away finally. Whew.

About 5 minutes after the gun it was all looking good. The bunch we were in up to windward were all able to lay Rangi light, and the only 1020 we could see near us was Max Headroom who were to leeward but advanced. That was more or less the way things stayed for the rest of the race, with Max and ourselves holding that initial advantage over the other 1020's right through to the finish.The others all seemed to be caught up in traffic further down the line and eventually had to tack up to Rangi light. Max Headroom pulled out a handy lead on us on the beat from Rangi light up to Billy Goat Point and taught us a few things about trimming these boats two handed.

Once around the top of Motutapu we hoisted our ancient number one kite right next to Danaide and had a bit of trouble holding on to it as the course was still a little tight. Got excited for a minute or two when Max lost their kite ahead of us and their sail ended up in the water. Time for a beer. We caught right up to them, but they made a speedy recovery and had a kite back up just in time to round Motuhie green buoy a couple of boatlengths ahead. We kept things tight on the beat down to Passage, gaining the lead for a short period until Danaide started affecting our breeze allowing Max to slip through us again. Just before Passage we were hit by a squall in the 20's which was less than ideal when we were already above course with the number one genoa on. Thinking that the breeze might hold in and scared of hoisting the big kite at Passage we changed everything over to the #2 kite for what looked like a quick ride home at that stage.

Just after passage the squall went through and the breeze went light. We convinced ourselves that the number 2 kite would still be ok as it?s a much newer and flatter sail and the course was now quite tight to carry a kite - bad decision #1. Then we decided to go high in towards the Waiheke shore on the basis of the forecast, and nowcasting from around the gulf seemed to be confirming this was a good idea - bad decision #2. Time for a beer. After we messed around changing kites and gybing back down to get around Motuhie Max had done a horizon job on us, but it seemed we hadn't lost anything on the chasing fleet behind who were parked up for quite a while. Gybed into the new breeze just past Browns island and had a quick kite ride home to the finish.

Congrats to the boys on Max Headroom who deserved the win and thanks to SSANZ. We were happy to be 2nd 1020 home - and more importantly we learned heaps about the boat and had a bit of fun as well.

Looking forward to the next race.