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B&G Simrad

Entry Closing Dates

01 Aug 2009

Unfortunately SSANZ had to turn away 6 boats who wanted to enter after the entries had closed for the B&G Simrad 60. It is not our desire to turn away entries as the more boats we see on the water the happier we are !

So why do SSANZ have a entry close off / deadline of Thursday before the race ? and why do we rigidly enforce it ?

Primarily it's a safety issue. Secondly it is one of timing as there is alot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. This work is done by volunteers. We respect their time and want to make everything as easy as possible for them and don't expect them to have to start again because a few more boats want to enter after the cut off.

So what happens behind the scenes ?

Once entries are closed a two lists are created and sent to the Coastguard. First one comprises of Boat Names, Sail No's, Radio call sign, Skipper Name, Boat type, Design etc and the course to be sailed. The second list is a radio sched check list on which the coastguard fills in the times each boat checks in at the designated points around the course.

Next job is creating the forms/list for the race committee. Three forms are created for the committee to note start check in, radio scheds and finish times. The lists are created in Boat name order, Sail No. order and finally Division and handicap order (this is to try and help make sure we recognise the "gun" boat in each division) But it doesn't stop there !!! Next master lists are created in both boat name and sail no. order containing every bit of information listed on the entry form. These are ready for use in the event of a mishap or if we need to contact a competitor or their emergency contact.

Finally a short report is issued to numerous media people telling them what is going on.

After the race starts the race committee checks off their list of starter against the entries. Boats not accounted for get phoned until we know what every single boat is doing. Coastguard is then updated. As boats finish or withdraw during the race, the committee checks them off. The race committee doesn't finish until every boat has finished and any withdrawals have been confirmed safe back at their berth. This is also why we don't allow late entries. If we did there is too much risk of someone not using the correct updated list and SSANZ/Coastguard could lose track of a boat. With over 150 entries now in every race we do need to stick to our systems to ensure everybodies safety.

So in summary, the SSANZ committee works extremely hard  to ensure everybody's safety as well as a successful series. All we ask is that you complete your entry on time (earlier the better) and highly recommend using the series entry option so that you don't have to remember to enter subsequent races.