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B&G Simrad

Champer's 2009 B&G Simrad 60 report

12 Aug 2009

The Simrad 60 ...2009
After a very mediorce start, and some early wrong calls on which part of the race track to put ourselves on, we had the dolphins come visit and we settled into our race on Champers.
We came back on a tack between Rangi and Navy Buoy to find 2 of our fellow 9.2s, Destiny in Motion and Cool bear slightly in front but just below us. By the time we reached Navy Buoy we had managed to claw our way in front of them and rounded Navy in a nice breeze. We had a clean set of the kite for the next few miles and slowly managed to haul in another of our 9.2's Cloud 9, at the same time watching that lovely dark front approaching.
When it arrived Tracey got to experience helping Champers under kite in the strongest winds for her yet which was not the lasts of Traceys firsts in the race as after a couple of minor broaches she was settling into it nicely when that big wind shift arrived. We ended up dead running and side on to the swell which lead to another first for Tracey "the chinese gibe" unfortunately when the traveller reached its stop, the mainsheet block decided to divorce itself from the traveller, so now we had the main swinging free, and a kite wrapping its self around the forestay top and bottom with a nice big billow in the middle..... OH what fun!
By the time we had temporarily secured the main,got the kite down and made repairs to re-attach the block to the traveller, I think we had blown a good half hour, oh! f#@* there goes a good result.
Never mind... back to finishing. Thought we had blown it right out the back door but rounded Gannet Rock and kept a full #1 and chucked a reef in the main which balanced the boat nicely and gave us some good power through the slop. This seemed to be working well as we comfortably sailed down Waiheke in a single beat and were closing the gap on the boats in front managing to reel a couple in, back to full main as we closed on Motuhie with a gentle flat water sail to the finish.
Ah well.... chalk another one up to experience and see you on the water next month...  
Cheers Jevon