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Second Nature's B&G Simrad 100 2009 Report

09 Sep 2009

Simrad 100 Report

Second Nature Elliott 1050

Winning in Fiji

Ian had decided to trade the possible windy rainy winter race for the tropics and sandy beaches of Fiji, family time,  so asked a mate of mine i have done some errr drinking with, and some sailing... to come help out. Mark is always one for wanting to know what to expect and not having done too much 2 handed before wanted a brief!, advertising people!! So a bottle of rum later the board meeting had resulted in two sore heads, a strategy  and a conformation...i waited  a couple of weeks to tell him our handicap had been changed ;o)

Quick safety check and started at the wharf again for clear air, and take advantage of the puffs coming out of the right. Put the big bag up and settled in for a neat day on the water. Had to go over Stratocaster, sorry boys but needed clear air. Went high out of the channel for some speed, outside Tiri channel following most the front runners , hanging in front of force 11 so pretty happy at that stage, tried to take any soak in what puff was around so able to heat in the light as the seaway was shaking the shit out of the kite.

Overload was gone!! ? horizon job , and Waka, (nice start Jonty) and Demonstrator (good recovery boys)

Aimed at the middle of the island and waited for the knock,  acceleration in pressure and zoomed into the Little Barrier. The seaway was much better,  but i don?t think it was the quickest way in as Forever Woung and Truxton , who sailed the lower course were fast approaching. Sailed quite away around the island catching Simply the Best (parked) Force 11 Wild Blue Kiwi Waka before dropping the kite and hoisting the number one in pressure and on course for channel, mint!! Had got inside the competition with Forever Young and Waka behind on our hip but below a couple of big boats, Sea Harmony and Surreal?? ? Forever Young tacked away to clear his air, Waka managed to out point the big boats with us ? or big boats were being kind not running us over . Once out of the distortion of the island we had to settle for a lower course but the forecast was to go more south around a couple of hours time so sailed the longest leg first. We found a good mode with the boat and set to catching Demonstrator who would be hating the seaway. caught them about half way across before being lifted on course  to Channel island, which made Forever Youngs tack out  a bitter pill, pity as they were looking good out further to the right . Slight crack sheets into channel island and rounded in daylight, we hardened up and crossed the incoming tide trying to keep clear of kiwi when they tacked. Out on port for a short dig finding a 20-25deg shift, tacked to find ourselves lifting up to the guys inside, had around 20-22knts, the number one on and masthead runner wicked up, didn?t look pretty but was fast in the chop, doing early 7?s and occasional 6 when we got it wrong ? had a glamour beat here, held Kiwi  and wild blue off and managed to get through Satellite Spy crossing  just in front at Gannett rk. Wild Blue had a good beat too, and rounded just behind. Settled into a reach to Rakino channel, in the 40?s and 50?s at about 10-12knts at 10pm. Would be hard to hold onto 40 footers reaching ? or so we thought, held with them to Awash rk before they both slipped away in the very light breeze ? thank god for out going tide in this patch of water though as we would have parked there for some time . got an increase of breeze to 8knts or so to take us into the Rangi channel to find lights every were!!! Thought we had had a shocker!!!! Until we made out Satellite, Marshall law!! (who we hardly saw all day ? they were flying) , Kiwi,  lots of big boats, excellent! just got to get in before it really goes bad and we will be in the money!

Where was overload??

She had sailed an awesome race but had she finished? with outgoing tide and fark all wind the chances are she had been caught, but we couldn?t see a little square-top mainsail against the moon

Quick call to to SSANZ to call in and see who had finished ? the reply was, Wired and a couple of cats ? shit really, poor Overload ? i think if she had breeze all the way the race would have been hers im sure ? we owed them somewhere around and hour and it looked as though she would have had that on us but with no radio check at gannet we never knew . The channel was a mindfield, bloody frustrating after being out there all day to come back to the final few miles becoming a lottery ? im sure everyone has a story to tell here but we lost about 7mins here by going left, we just struggled to get over to north head but that seemed to pay off for those that we met at the lighthouse. Finished  4th on line after Surreal (gun! Blinder) and only minutes behind Overload and Wild Blue and beat Truxton on line to give us the series win. Stoked, just in time too as the breeze died to nothing. We may have had the outgoing tide but i think that was creating some breeze at least!


Thanks to Cam and the troops for a great series, i enjoy it more every year

Thanks also to Coastguard ? how many reports of a flare sighting did you get?? Saw the burn up as were going through Rakino Channel

Thanks Ian and Cloughy (Mark ) Good job all round, well done