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B&G Simrad

Nijinski B&G Simrad 100 2009 report

10 Sep 2009

Nijinsky Simrad 100


In the days leading up to the race, there had been one thing one my mind, the menu for our victuals for the race. Rob said he just wanted lots of food, but lots of food you do not like is never good.


For the first time in the series, we actually got the time for the start, and started close to the boat, with the intension of soaking away from the fleet. However, the ever impressive Sister Moonshine started in more pressure to windward so we ended up following them and Sonic.


The highlight of the run to Little Barrier was baguette with smoked salmon, roasted garlic hummus and salad, washed down with cranberry juice. Then chocolate to calm the frustration every time we seemed to sail away from pressure.


We rounded Little Barrier with Legless, then tacked into the shore, dipping the mighty Waka Huia. We then ventured back to the left and did not see another Young 88 in the daylight. Cheese, salami and onion marmalade sarnies, with B and E pie, miso soup and more chocolate was required to combat the cold sitting on the rail and the amount of energy required for trimming and driving in the choppy seas. As we wobbled around, with too much sail up, the very peaceful lights of Rainbird past by at speed and I wondered if Steve and Russ were having a roast or was it casserole.


We had great intensions of sailing through Tiri Channel close to the Whangaparaoa, but instead ended up close to the Tiri shore, and tacked across the middle, not good planning! However, it worked out OK, and we crossed with a few 88's at that time. We then sailed up the East Coast Bays, (more chocolate) close to Heaven and Hell and Sister Moonshine at Takapuna.


As we closed on the line, in no wind, just pointing the boat at the finish, we watched Waka finish by struggling up tide and round the boat, we were so glad that it was not us, as we had run out of chocolate, so would have been unable to cope.


A big thanks to Nick White for allowing me to sail the boat in the series, and Rob Croft and Glenn Phipps for putting up with my endless chattering!