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Champer's 2009 B&G Simrad 100 report

10 Sep 2009

Well done Cool Bear on a faaaabulicious finish..!!
After much apprehension about doing my first Simrad 100, Champers tales are not happy ones but not for the reasons I feared..  )o;
Off to a good start..Not fabulous but things were OK..We had a little tussle with Destiny in Motion early on but they managed to eventually pull away from us....We kept a good eye on all the Farr 9.2s  for quite a while although Hot Gossip took some time to be found. Who would have guessed she was coming up from behind us?? We're so use to her leading from the front!!!
We watched the different paths everyone was taking including Hot Gossip who took slightly higher ground than Cool Bear and so elected to go high ourselves, but this proved costly as we rounded Little Barrier as one of the last, along with a couple of Cruisers. All just in time for the wind to die , leaving us stalled for some time. Having survived that and on the move again, a dreadful windshift would see us point much further away from our destination than all the boats we could see in the far far far distance heeling nicely. We didn't appear to have the same lift that afforded all of them so we were headed more Eastward..
By now we were extremely frustrated and just didn't seem to be able to get Champers moving.We have been struggling with our new main for a while and coupled with some poor choices, have given us some dissappointing results of late..Can't quite figure out what we're doing wrong... apart from not having the same level of experience.
Jevon took a well needed kip and left me on the helm. There was probably no worse damage I could do alone, so it was a safe move..Anyway...its 3am, sitting at 2 Kts by Tiri, cold & tired, we decided to call it aday as neither of us were having much fun.. so a long motor back to Weiti, back home in bed at 6.30am, made for an excellent choice as I played a "player of the day" game of soccer that morning at Stanmore Bay...Gotta be good at something ay??
Cheers & congrats to all and thanks for a well organised, well run event....
Tracey ( & Jevon.)
Mr & Mrs Champers hehe
PS Im still counting that Ive just done my 1st Simrad series...Close enough is good enough in my book!!