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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad 2010

One Xtreme's B&G Simrad 50 2010 report

04 Jul 2010

One Xtreme Simrad 50




Checking out the forecast we knew that it would be a drifter so all unnecessary sails and gear were left off the boat and heavy items that needed to stay were put as far forward as possible. Bought just enough food for the day which probably wasn't enough in hindsight.




It is vital for us being one of the smallest boats in the fleet that we start in clear air so we chose the pin end of the line for a port tack start with the intention to sail slightly high then set the gennaker we didn't judge the incoming tide right and ended up getting pushed above the idm. Big mistake so we turn around and start again losing about 4- 5 min. after we cross the line we put our gennaker up and we are off passing boats and we end up at the parking lot mid fleet.


Start to Haystack.


Finding a path through the parking lost wasn't easy after a lifetime of painfully slow progress we pick up some breeze and started tacking up the shoreline keeping out of the tide as soon as the tide turned we got out into the channel to get the tide assist. We are keeping up with the bigger boats and we finally roll Moneyshot which was our only competition as Motormouse had retired. Moneyshot tack out and make a gain on us so we do the same. Back into clear air we are making good ground on Moneyshot got a nice lift passing the rakino passage. We get set up to run the big 0.6 oz running kite after rounding.


Haystack to Motuihe


Was a fair bit of chop by the noises so we run a tight angle to keep the kite full once we get into smoother water we run deep again. Got to the layline and we pull off a pearler of a gybe passed the rocks and the end by a boat length or two and we harden up it's to tight so we peel to the gennaker


Motuihe to issy red.


Short tight reach till we can see issy bay change to the no 1 and tack up to issy red the light is a bit faint so we struggled to see it followed a couple of reactors till we saw it. Gotta get myself a gps/chartplotter. Rounded the buoy and put our gennaker up for the tight reach to the finish.


Issy red to Finish.


Passed the reactors quickly making good speed in the light breeze got parked up a couple of times got very tight coming up to the line with Perchanse chasing us.





What a day longest 34 miles of my life. Boat was going awesome with the weight correct had good speed and height all day new no1 was fantastic might get some glow tape for it though new spinnaker was perfect for the soft run.


Thanks SSANZ must have been a very long night on the committee boat