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B&G Simrad 2010

Rattle and Rum B&G Simrad 50 2010 race report

07 Jul 2010

Rattle and Rum- Simrad 50 by Josh Tucker

It sure was looking like a driftathon!
At least there was hope, the promise of more wind in the afternoon/evening made the first 3 hrs of drifting bearable.
We got away to a good start at the boat end, there was a bit of a sandwich but we got away clean and with good pace and were in a good position to approach the North Head parking lot wherever we wanted. We could see the whole A div fleet going backwards in tide out in the main channel so opted for the good old North head back eddy and into the slight breeze off Cheltenham, we somehow managed to come out of this quite well and were up with overload and karma police with only V5 ahead of them, We stayed left for a while and came back at a good time to be around Rangi light with only 5 or 6 boats out of the whole fleet ahead of us. Pork chop slowly rolled us across the top with their code zero set and looking sharp, but we caught them again in the Rakino passage and did a nice peel from the reacher to the spinnaker. We were the first shorthaul boat thru Rakino passage and down to Motuhie where we were looking good and couldn't even see who was the next boat. we parked up hard in Motuhie passage and got pushed back up by the tide right into the motutapu shore. We then watched the whole fleet come down in a new breeze and go right around us down on the leeward side of the channel with about 10-15 boats sneaking thru including a good bunch from our division. This was pretty painfull going from Hero to ZERO so quickly! We kept our cool and set our sights on cool change and recreation who were now a long way ahead of us. we cut the southern tip of motuhie quite tight and were first into the new breeze funneling down between motuhie and waiheke and peeled from the MH spin to the MH gennaker then settled into the long reach to passage rock. Managed to sneak around a couple of 88s and slowly pulled away. It was the perfect angle for the gennaker and we were slowly pulling the front runners back in, a nice gybe peel to the reacher at passage and we gained a few more boats. We decided to stay low in the middle of the channel for max breeze and I think this worked as we could see a bunch of boats up high going very slow. Coming into browns island we changed back to the headsail and sailed hard on to only just clear browns island and back to the reacher briefly heading towards bean rock, again we had to go back to the headsail and do a few short tacks to clear bean rock then also ended up hard on the wind and tacking up to the finish in about 2 kts of wind having a tacking duel with Flyer.
Had no idea where we were placed in our fleet but got a pleasant surprise when we got a gun at the finish!!!! We had got the double, line and handicap and the 3rd fastest boat around the shorthaul course behind the Hornblower who had an amazing race and the big Elliot 45 Flyer. Happy to beat all the Y88s, 1020s, S34s, and Ross 930s on line!
GO THE SR26!!!! What fantastic little boats they are.

Josh Tucker