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B&G Simrad 2010

Saint Fintan's B&G Simrad 100 2010 report

21 Sep 2010

Saint Fintan's SIMRAD 100 Match Report.

No sleep the night before. Too windy and too much stuff blowing down the side of the house.

No trolleys left at marina gate, too windy, some had blown into the tide.

A quick coffee for John and I and we strapped in the first reef in prior to the start. Got a reasonable start, just wanted to keep clear of other boats, avoid rounding up and get away from the line at speed. We got to the first mark at the end of the first swarm of small boats, and the leading of 5 Reactors. It was blowing about 25 Kts and lovely.

Very bold call by one of the big boats on the small boat course to sail over us very close, given the frequency and vigour with which boats were rounding up it would have been easy for our bow to go straight into them with little chance for them to keep clear as the windward boat. They were not even racing us so not quite sure why they bothered with the low level fly by.

The No.3 and single reef were doing well for us. Painless gybe at Saltworks and we were off to NLL. Pulled a bit further clear of the chasing Reactors and were looking good. From NLL to Issy red, we suffered in the lee of Rangi and Wishbone unfurled to maximise the lighter breeze to round just a metre ahead of us.

Off to Navy buoy, shook out the reef to give a bit more oomph downhill, rounded behind Wishbone who made the most of their furler. Hmm that was the end of the downwind giggles. Righto, two reefs, a constant stream of spray in the eyes and no chance of a wee and we were off to the finish! China Doll hand flown their No 2 to Navy and that really paid off for them.

We tacked early to tidy up and secure the second reef. Once set we were away. The no 3 at the edge of its range, but we bashed on. Phocoena had a looked like a No 4, bigger than a storm jib, China Doll had Storm Jib. Ecstasy had storm jib and Wishbone the aforementioned furler.

We seemed to go ok to leeward of the rest of the Reactors the wind gear was now mostly in the mid high 30s. We were mostly overpowered now and I considered changing to the storm jib. Dropping the genoa though would have seen us wallow quite a bit and we needed the power to get over the waves. I did nt want to be bareheaded even for a short while too close to Browns and the engine would not have assisted much. A sail change in the conditions wouldn?t have been quick or fun so I elected to get more sea room and assess the situation later. We sailed on and put a tack in to chase Phocoena and China Doll who had crossed in front of us. Wishbone was down closer to the northern Shore of Browns, looked to have tucked the 3rd reef in on the main. Forestay looked to have a hanky flying from it now. John really needed a whizz now. No chance. We noticed that Phocoena was bare headed and getting along just on Main.

We seemed to gain a bit on China Doll and Phocoena. Then they pulled away. BAM, that's a big gust! There we were right over on the side, main off, boom flailing around and the boat just going sideways. I never have done that before. John went forward to drop the Genoa while I released and tried not to get my head taken off. John played a blinder on the foredeck with it pretty vertical, very wet and with 40 Kts hammering the genoa it was no mean feat to get it down and secured. Great Skills.

We came back up and got going under double reefed main, we were still travelling at 5 plus Kts, but lacked punch and couldn't point.

We gathered ourselves and looked around, China Doll had pulled away, we were in contact with Phocoena, and it looked like Wishbone had tacked away from Browns too.

Things settled down a wee bit, so back up with the genoa. Still overpowered, but we bashed (literally) on. Took a few tacks to get around Bean, but we made it and managed to avoid hitting the Mariner Marine Insurance Buoy. Crac a jac (Farr 727) were taking a pounding but hung on manfully. Well done them. A few boats to leeward of us and we all were getting swept towards to sewer beacon a tack away to get season to line up approach to the finish. Crossed the finish and then quickly tacked back to keep clear of the piles.

Wow, what a race, consistently really windy. It was a really challenging race with some great downwind sailing. The first time the Reactors had 5 entries and full credit to all the Reactors for coming out consistently , especially in the last race .

A good race for us, 2nd line and Handicap and well done to Al and Mike on CD for nailing the division. Kudos too to Carol and Richard on Ecstasy for some tenacious sailing throughout the series.

Aaron - Saint Fintan.