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YNZ President's Award

YNZ Presidents Award

23 Dec 2010

Yachting New Zealand President's Award 2010:

In an unprecedented move the President's Award in 2010 was awarded to two recipients.

New Zealand members of the BMW Oracle Racing, Design, Build and Sailing Teams

BMW Oracle may have flown the burgee of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, but the day after they lifted the Auld Mug the New Zealand influence was there for all to see, when BMW Oracle introduced the five key management of which four were New Zealanders; Russell Coutts, Mike Drummond - Head of Design and the two leading boat builders who lead construction, Tim Smyth and Mark Turner. There were three New Zealanders aboard the incredible flying machine - Ross Halcrow and Matthew Mason who had previously won the America's Cup aboard NZL 32 and Brad Webb, winner for the first time. 

Short-Handed Sailing Association New Zealand (SSANZ)
SSANZ inspired the B and G SIMRAD short-handed series has quite simply exploded in popularity now attracting fleets of close to two hundred in each of the three races staged annually through the winter months. The organisation also runs the successful two-handed round North Island Race with the countdown now on for the 2011 race in February/March.