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Sail the Round North Island Race at home !

16 Feb 2011

Do you wish you were competing in the Round North Island Race but find yourself stuck at home ?

Don't worry ! You can now compete as well... and not even get wet !

SSANZ, in conjunction with our virtual sailing partner Sail Online is pleased to announce the 2011 Virtual Round North Island Race.

The Virtual Round North Island Race will mimic the real race with identical leg start times and stopovers. Online racers will be sailing Young 11's. This means you can compare your performance with the real Young 11's in the race. Go to now to register. Leg 1 is now open for practice.

Please read below for further help and advice from Sail Online...

The busy bees of SOL around the globe have been working their magic and I am delighted to say that Leg 1 of the RNI race is now open for registration on SOL's Homepage, where the Young 11 is the boat being sailed.

If you register for the race and visit Chat (the "speech bubble" fourth tab on the top RH of your screen will bring you to chat) you will see mention of unofficial, short and social practice races.

These start at 1900utc, one each evening in the run-up to a new race, and are rarely longer than 2hrs.  The races are informal and you have to manually start/stop your SOL-boat, but there are Practice Race Notes referenced in chat and in the Practice Racing Forum so that folks new to SOL can start straightaway on the learning curve.  Practice races are small.. rarely more than 10 or 15 participants but are a great way for newbies to get started as for the duration of the practice race there are experienced SOLers available to answer questions immediately.

Please tell everyone who may be interested in either practice racing (or just doing their own practice on-course) that they should feel free to ask any and all questions they may have about SOLing - even if there isn't an immediate answer, someone will pick up on a question posed in Chat and it will be replied to!

SOLers come from all over the globe - as the national flag column shows - so there is usually someone awake whatever time of day/night it is!!

Fair winds!!