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Mr Roosevelt dismasted

24 Feb 2011


Davidson 42 Mr Roosevelt has lost her rig on the second leg of the Round North Island race, and is heading for New Plymouth under motor. This is the fourth boat to withdraw this leg, after Danaide pulled out yesterday afternoon with steering problems, and Zen, The Night Train and Gale Force withdrew earlier. The latter three boats are heading back around North Cape to Mangonui. All crews are safe and well, however.

Also experiencing some issues but continuing in the race is Beneteau 14.5 Laissez Faire, which reported some damage to a hatch and had taken on some water. However, they reported they had the situation under control and would continue racing.

Wind and sea conditions are forecast to moderate today for the remaining boats, but it will remain a headwind. 'It looks as if the further south they go, the lighter it will get,' says race director David Cooke.

Still in the lead is Cookson 50 Akatea, but even she is making slow progress, not much further south than off the Manukau entrance. Ross 45 M1 is second, approximately 20 miles astern, with Shaw 9 Karma Police about 11 miles further back. Yesterday evening Karma Police reported winds of 15-20 knots on the nose and moderate seas.

The backmarkers are still off the Hokianga Harbour.

At their current rate of progress, Akatea will reach Wellington late Friday or early Saturday.