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11 Jul 2006

We had a great start and a good tussle with 'whitebait' who beat us to the bottom end of Waiheke. Being the shortest boat in our division we really had to push hard with our sail changes in an attempt tp keep up the longer spinnaker boats. We went from our fractional reacher to the masthead runner then back to the fractional reacher and finished off with our masthead reacher. We had a few white knuckled rides round the back of Rangi with our big white masthead runner. I think we pulled it down just in the knick of time.
We spotted a rather large whale just before gannet rock which was a bit of a buzz. We jumped on the VHF to warn the fleet but by that time it had swum fairly close to the shores of waiheke and out of harms way. Most boats were carrying masthead gear and were hitting some good speeds so it could have been nasty if the Whale had swum across someones path.
It was a fairly wet n bumpy trip home but we managed to sneak past 'Whitebait'. We could see the silver 'Sniper' in the distance who seemed to be making some small gains but fortunately for us we laid Motuihe island whereas 'Whitebait' and 'Sniper' had to throw in an extra couple of boards which allowed us to extend the gap even further. We survived without any breakages which was a bonus.

Looking forward to the '60.

Heath Walbridge