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Overload's Around North Island Story

13 Mar 2011

Overload's Around North Island Story

On the Two Handed Around North Island Yacht Race, Overload sheared 8 high tensile bolts on the top of the keel holding the sheave box for the canting system, leaving them with a floppy keel.

Not long after shearing the bolts we found the keel moving fore and aft and unsure of how bad things were, we were towed to safety. Once Overload finally reached Wellington under motor, she was pulled out at midnight and the keel dropped off, hoping to fix it and re join the fleet. Finding the reason why the keel had so much fore and aft movement was simple, the main keel pins had up to 3mm of what looked like electrolysis corrosion. With the boat running into nav light leak during the race, after each night seeing a rust stain grow, we put the damage down to a electrical leak. Not knowing the extent of the electrical leak we decided to pull out, pack the boat up and put it in the shed and give it a full once over.

Now we are back in Auckland and had a good chance to think about it, we have had the keel pins tested, and the result of the test came back as the material being carbon mild steel instead of 2205 stainless. The 2205 stainless was supplied to the Engineering Company, but some how the wrong material was used and hence the keel pins have corroded over the last year un be known to us, plus the possibility of an electrical leak in the marina or from the boat, which would have sped up the corrosion process, which ultimately ruined Overloads chance of finishing the Round North Island Race, leaving us bitterly disappointed after six months of hard preparation.

So for now overload is getting sorted out and will be back racing later this year with new correct keel pins.