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Chains Ropes and Anchors

Chains Ropes and Anchors

B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad 2011

SSANZ B&G Simrad "Opps Award"

30 Jun 2011

Grant of Chains Ropes and Anchors and Suburban Reptile fame has very generously provided SSANZ with some prizes to be awarded for the greatest #$%@ up's ! and also the best stories from the series.

Stories, photos, video's and copys of invoices for repairs will all help promote your entry into the "Greatest #$%@ up" competition.

Your are also allowed to enter your mates (especially if you capture their momment of brilliance on film). These entries can be made annominously if you fear for your safety !

Entries are to be send to

or posted on

Some samples "#$%@ up's" from past years...