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B&G Simrad 2011

Mercenery's B&G Simrad 60 2011 report

16 Aug 2011


Firstly a big thanks to the guys from SSANZ from the team on Mercenary. A job well done. It was a tough call as to when to start us but it worked out to be a very enjoyable sail in the end. Alot of upwind work but was still great.

On Mercenary we had a mixed bag, after motoring through the thick fog to the start; we sat around waiting for the breeze o fill in and get a start away. Quite nice and relaxing with a cold beer in hand!

When it came time to start we set up a bit early for the start so we gybed around and did a circle, but forgot how light the breeze was and how long that would take so ended up being 15 seconds late to the line! Bugger...

After the start Rattle rolled out their big zero and took off, putting a monster jump on us. We just had to try and hold on with our slightly older generation smaller code zero while we could. Then the upwind to Gannet along Waiheke i don't think either party gained at all, but just tried to survive without the other shorthaul boats getting through us, trying to stay in front of the Turbo's ross 930's etc. Rounding Gannet we hoisted the gennaker - but the breeze came aft shortly afterwards so we did the nicest peel that boat has ever seen! Two handed masthead gennaker to masthead spinnaker (Good work on the bow Rob!) Then as we got past Rakino the breeze lightened and went forward so just after Tits had packed the gennaker into its bag and finished his beer we wanted it back up again! We did well along this little stretch tight pressed with the big green Booboo special North's gennaker up and managed to sneak through the lead 1020's and 88's.

Coming into Tiri we noticed the Rattle had stopped and wondered what had gone wrong, they had weed and were backing up to shake it. This gave us just the outsiders hope (in an otherwise one horse race where we had basically conceded to finish second SR) of pulling something off and suddenly Rob and I had our motivation back and we strapped on our race faces. We settled in and Rob hiked his butt off and we were doing well on the rattle and even crossed ahead of them at one point along the east coast bays. Only to be stupid and let them stick one more board into the bays and gain back on us.

Coming up to North head we had some big boats and Fast Company coming through so we stayed high to discourage them rolling us. As a product of that and an attempt to stay out of the tide we ended up very very close to North head (Wouldn't want to be any closer or we would be walking home). Thinking we were going to park up with no wind and would look dog tucker we never really stopped and managed to sneak through with less tide (possibly even a back eddy of tide) and managed to get starboard rights on Rattle n Rum. From there it was just a case of defend like never before... We crossed the line and the gun went off showing us as the first boat home in Shorthaul Sports boat and 4th fastest boat elapsed on shorthaul behind 40+ footers only! Quite surprising and not the result i picked when we went around tiri but very happy! The boat was going like a rocket on the wind in that breeze!

Big thanks to SSANZ for their awesome running of the race, and to Beau Marine for the ability of the two SR's to play with Code Zero's thanks to his furlers, and Grunta for kindly donating the code zero, It was a feature!

Overall a great day and I'm almost recovered now - Body was a touch sore!