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B&G Simrad 2011

Cool Change's B&G Simrad 60 2011 Report

19 Aug 2011

The Cool Change's RaceFirstly a big thanks to all of the series organisers from SSANZ for their patience and dedication. During the week I had decided that a code 0 would be a nice to have and thanks to WT it happened. The motor to North Leading in the fog wasn?t a promising start to the day. We followed one of the big boats down assuming that they were more likely to be seen. It was nice to see the sun, and ultimately some breeze, and a start. The code 0 was a nice sail to have for the lead through to Waiheke but a couple of big headers saw us heading out to Tiri, and then nothing only to watch as the Mercenary steamed passed us a couple of lengths to windward. Decided then to head out from Waiheke and managed to carry the code 0 even if it was a bit low to start with. We hung in and the breeze swung. Ultimately we had to go back to the number 1 to climb over Gannet, arriving with the Pepe and a couple of other boats. We hoisted the m/hd gennie but realised our mistake as the Pepe started to power away faster and lower. We then peeled to the M/hd kite and followed them across to Tiri switching back to the code 0 as the breeze moved forward. We rounded a few minutes behind Pepe, tacked and then hung onto the starboard tack, for to long. Ended up going back to the Number 1 for height and hung on right across to Motutapu getting good lifts all the way but well out of touch with the other short haul boats. A couple of short stabs on port saw us staying out of the tide and keeping in behind Rangi light. It was very tempting to try and get back across and in touch with the lights we could see hugging the coast. Once past RL we kept in shore until we could lay through North Head. Pleased to see the finish but disappointed that we had opted not to go along the Bays and stay in ouch with the others. By the time we got back to Westhaven we?d talked ourselves into last place and were surprised not to see Pepe and E-nine back on their moorings. Pleasantly surprised when we saw them come in later. Pleased to put good time on the Pepe on the beat home but still plenty to learn. Every now and then the decision making and the sailing find congruence. Just not often enough. Maybe next time. By the way my nav lights were the bright ones.