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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad 2011

Danaide B & G Simrad 100 2011 Report

11 Sep 2011

B & G Simrad 100


The number one goal for this race was to use it as our first qualifier for Round New Zealand and to make it count we had to finish.

Next it was a race and you always what to do well


The Start

We had a good position up by the committee boat, could have closed a few boats out but not into that shit, Hauled out the zero and ran with that for a bit but the bigger boats behind rolled us and took our breeze and them the wind went aft so hoisted the masthead kite for a bit then down with that out with the # 1, mean while the later Div came up with there own breeze but wouldn?t share

Got F?ked with by 2 different boats on port, 1 we had to fend off the other bumped Rangi a few min later (note to self protest these pricks or they will keep taking advantage)

Got forced left at Rangi light which was our first mistake but ended up at Rakino with all the lower rated boats behind us, went around Rakino to get a good lay through to Gannet. Then just past Maria Is the wind backed so up with the zero and we were off at 8kt hunting Y11?s, got 3 by the rock and found the fleet had decided to wait for us, Thanks guys


The Restart

Had decided to approach Channel from the south to avoid the worst of the tide so sailed across the firth about half way then got a big knock so tacked over to lay directly at Channel, were looking famous at this point with the whole fleet heading for flat rock and still to take into a incoming tide.


Hero To Zero

Without any change in the water surface the wind just died, after an hour and a half we had gone from 16nm to Channel to 16.8.

Then the breeze kicks in slowly from the north for 5 min then leaves us for dead again.

Another 45 min with the steering working in reverse.

When the wind finally got to us we tacked all the way to Channel with only Whales and Dolphins for company the fleet being over the horizon,

A sane man would have turned for home at this point, but goal 1 needed completing.


Lovely tight reach from Channel to LB in 12kts doing 8?s but the last 1/3 from Horn rock in it got hard on and lumpy with about 15 to 20kts


Run Home

Decided no point in putting up a kite at this stage with the sea starting to build and the odd spurt in the high 20s

We sat on 8 to 10tks with busrts of 14 all the way to Tiri listening to all the carnage down at Rangi Channel.

From Tiri to Rangi Light we had a solid 30+ kts most of the way so  half furled the genoa to get abit more control and were still hitting 16?s with  long bursts in the14?s

Who need a kite



When we called at 1 hour out the committee boat asked if we could take our own time as we were the only boat left on the course so at 04:52 we crossed the line then had to battle back up wind in 30kts to get back to Pine Harbour


ps, I had a sleep this afternoon.