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Some deep thinking and reflections from aboard First Class

08 Aug 2006

Lesson One.
Don't go heads down getting kite gear sorted until you're clear of North head holes. We just got unlucky by North Head as we were well outside the obvious wind hole.

Our fleet were at Rangi Light before we got moving. We soaked on a rum line course to avoid Rangi Light hole and got closer to the back markers, but nowhere near the rich folks at the front.
We had no breeze opportunity to head up on a high course before Navy Bouy, so just keep the pace going until the wind filled in.

At Navy Bouy we tacked. Our main had one reef point and it's a big'un. We decided to try this deep reef and a No.1 combo. It worked really well and we drove past EyeSpy with their full main+3 up. We went through the gap between Rakino and the Noises and hooked into a good lift. The heading averaged back and then into a slow knock as we got closer to Waiheke, so we decided to try a shore lift plan.
This worked well, and we were comfy with the amount of rag up, always averaging well. As we approached Gannet, we saw a few of the lead 88s setting kites, so we felt we'd done OK on the course to Gannet.
You need these lttle triumphs when you're 'dead donkey'.

Kite up and off - still miles behind the main bunch. What a great ride home -  a few 15s out of First class. Solid breeze, a couple of 'no wave' 15s and a slightly higher angle after Bean Rock kicked the rudder out for a nice broach as we searched for the mark boat, but recovered to cross the line with speed and good looks.

Interesting that Waka Huia, with the nice floppy top rig ( the original design rig for the Young 88 ) did well with full main and No.1. Obviously sailed really well, of course, but makes you wonder about stiffening Young 88 rigs too much.

Lots of radio chat and check-ups on whereabouts, so, well done Doog, Steve and co.

Last thoughts for the day.

1. We got lost in thought. It wasn't familiar territory.
2. We were diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
3. If everything is going well, you've obviously overlooked something.
4. How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
5. What happens when you get scared half to death...twice?

Dave Mason