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B&G Simrad

B&G Simrad 2011

Rattle n Rum's B&G Simrad 100 2011

14 Sep 2011


Rattle and rum simrad 100.

The day started badly when the 'tactick' instruments wouldn't turn on leaving us with no instruments. This made us lose our focus and like many others we were caught out slightly by the 'on time' start and were slightly unprepared. We still managed to get away to a great start at the windward end to lead the shorthaul sports and Y88 fleet out. Our plan was to stay really close to rangi and make the most of the breeze running down the shore, it was light enough for the breeze to 'stick' to the shore and not go over the top so thge hole would be further out and the breeze would attach the whole way around the island. I was surprized to see so many boats trying to run way too deep as the breeze went aft and we passed about 20 or more boats in the division ahead by sailing the proper angles and keeping the boat moving. Weaved around and above lots of boats that were parked. Managed to clear rangi in good shape with only about 5 or 6 of the long haul boats ahead. I wanted to stay left but this proved hard for us. we were close to laying LB and heading for the middle of tiri tiri island, I didn't want to dip the island as it would be a loss to all the boats to our right but also didn't want to tack on such a big right hander but eventually we had to tack to clear the island. After about 15min on port we tacked back only to find the breeze start to swing left on us about 40 degrees and we were pointing back at tiri again! The only option was another tack out and hope it swung back- it didn't for a long time and the boats to leward that had just laid right thru the passage had gained a huge amount. Rather than carrying on left and admiting defeat we held port tack to save from loosing anymore, it made it look like we had taken a hiding but we hung on and waited for it to come back right before engaging with any of the left hand boats. There was right hand breeze at channel island so we had a go at getting to it but found it too patchy that way and I thought it might be too localised so just worked the shifts up the middle of the track, tacking every 10-15min and hiking hard. This worked and we gained on the boats to the left and the right, coming into LB in the middle of the Y88 fleet. We saw a few boats coming in from the far left who were miles ahead, it was clear that the hard left had paid but we had made the most of what we were delt and were in good shape. We had changed to the #2 as the wind built which helped us hold good hight and speed ( we guessed as we had no instruments at all for the whole day...) But the wind started easing as we got closer and we started to suffer. Another bare headed hank jib change would be costly so we hung on but lost out to a couple of the Y88s around us. We were pretty happy were we were and knew that out time was coming with the 40nm downwind leg to come! We hoisted in company with slipstream and I think hot gosip who had had a glamor beat. We quickly pulled away surfing a few nice long waves and carried on towards kawau as most of the boats around us gybed back intowards LB (and into the lee of the island!??). The breeze on the nowcasting was more to the east at tiri so we wanted to get all the starboard gybe done early while it was a good heading, I didn't want to end up flat running into rangi from out to sea. Also the low was positioned to the west so the breeze would be stronger that way. We had about 15-20kts of breeze for most of the run and were regularly surfing to 14-15kts, with a full moon and some dolphins it really was stunning and called for a couple of beers. A few gybes inshore near kawau on the small shifts and we past very close to flat rock. Then another gybe inshore to a nice lay through tiri passage and all the way down to rangi light. The breeze went forward for the last part to north head and the wind had started to build so we were pretty pressed with the huge masthead spinnaker on. Puff of the day at north head with the pole on the forestay and not much room to run and the downhaul decided to pull out of the cleat sending the pole to the sky and us into a massive wipeout (the first and only for the run) but we rehoisted and shot past the hard labour to take the gun as we crossed the finish line at pace and pretty much out of control.

A great and enjoyable race and fantasitc result finishing with only 1 shorthaul boat in front of us from the next division up. It turns out the rattle n rum was the fastest boat out of everyone around the shorthaul course for the 3 race combined elapsed time.

Thanks to SSANZ for yet another great series.

GO THE SR26 what seriously epic little boats they are. They never stop impressing me.