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Fun n Games Simrad 60 report

08 Aug 2006

"So when are we getting a nice 12-15 knotter with sun and flat water?" Heath asked. 

About this time we had just hardened up after Motuora (sp) Island. We  were the second monohull at this stage after a good start and the right sail selection shortly after. Being high by Rangitoto paid well as both "BMW" and "Power Play" drifted down to leeward and behind. "Wings" disappeared soon after the start and were obviously only racing the Multis for line results. 
"Step by Step" were right on us for most of the trip to Tiri until the breeze went forward and the spinnaker peel was required by them. Its times like that we are glad we have a 30 footer's kite to deal with!!.  

After a nice beat with heaps of height we managed to lay Kawau and get around Flat rock just behind "Power Play" and just in front of "BMW" and "Samurai Jack" (who were looking the quickest of the 3 forties on the wind).
Then the lay/tight reach started from Flat Rock to Gannet. This is when we definitely did NOT want to be on a lightweight 30 footer!! After changing to the #4 headsail we had to empty 14 buckets (yes, that's 14) out of the boat. We didn't really mind having it for the trip to Gannet but knew we wouldn't want it soon after on the run.

It looked like "Marshal Law" and "Step by Step" making some serious gains with "Sniper" following suit. "O'Sinnerman" was seriously trucking (like only a battleship could) on the reach and managed to pass us and the other 40s around us. "Surething" managed to slip by at Gannet (which is turning into a theme with them sneaking by us on the home run). 
The run home was far too conservative from us and we paid for it. The highlight was watching "RnB" in the shorthaul division wipe out, then figure out how to recover for 5 minutes and then manage to stay in front of us till the finish line. 
"Truxton" managed to make time on the final run and recorded an awesome win on PHRF in Longhaul Div 2. They also beat the entire Longhaul fleet on PHRF and, looking at Racetrack, were the best performed Mono from an historical point of view. They did a great job. 

Thanks to the SSANZ team for sitting in that lovely weather and trying to sort out finishing times. Once again you guys did a great job and ran a fantastic race. 
Steve Mair