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Race Update Friday

02 Mar 2012


Radio Schedule for: SSANZ Round New Zealand Race 2012 25 February 2012                                                                                                                          
Date/Time: 021930 nzdt Mar      
Vessel Name Callsign Position Remarks/Comments
Danaide ZMZ8828 40 49S 172 53E Sheltering Golden Bay with Expedition Coppelia & Truxton
Expedition Coppelia ZM4190   Sheltering Golden Bay with Danaide & Truxton
Krakatoa 2 ZMS7018   Withdrawn from race.
Panther ZM6101 38 49S 170 00E All well
Pelagian 2 ZMV5793 38 54S 168 24E Hove to and latest Wx report passed to Vessel
Revs ZMA6702 41 33.960S 171 23.605E Will do skeds on VHF to conserve Sat Phone Battery power.
Sunstone 2VTZ 41 34S 171 06E All okay
Surreal ZMT6460 42 31S 170 56E  All  okay
Truxton ZMW3006   Sheltering Golden Bay with Expedition Coppelia &  Danaide
Vingilot ZM2618 41 30S 170 48E  All okay