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Pelagian II Report -update

03 Mar 2012

At 2130 on 2 March a Mayday call was sent out by Pelagian II. 

They set off their EPIRB at a position about 275 miles West of New Plymouth when they found they were taking in water faster than they could pump it out. 

The center of the Forecast "Weather Bomb" had just past over them battering them with wind gusts of up to 70 knots (130 km/hr) and fierce seas.

At 2230 Pelagian II reported that they had managed to start their engine and had their emergency pump keeping up with the influx of water and were slowly heading in an Easterly direction hoping to rendezvous with a ship

Sat 3 March - update: A vessel which had been diverted to meet them was stood down and Pelagian II were enroute to New Plymouth under their own propulsion and were well