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Morning Sched Wed 7 March

07 Mar 2012


Radio Schedule for: SSANZ Round New Zealand Race 2012 25 February 2012                                                                                                                                                                             
Date/Time: 070730 nzdt Mar      
Vessel Name Callsign Position Remarks/Comments
Danaide ZMZ8828 45 12S 166 18E   8 Miles off Dusky Sound trying to enter Dusky Sound for shelter.
Expedition Coppelia ZM4190 42 56S 168 49E All well  Amendment to earlier report wrong infomation supplied.
Krakatoa 2 ZMS7018 WITHDRAWN  
Pelagian 2 ZMV5793 43 50S 157 32E All okay
Sunstone 2VTZ FINISHED  
Surreal ZMT6460 FINISHED  
Truxton ZMW3006 46 00 59S 166 11 01E All Okay
Vingilot ZM2618 FINISHED