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SIMRAD 100 Report

10 Sep 2006

The final race, the SIMRAD 100 kicked off at 9:00 on Saturday 9th September. The wind was more easterly than forecast which resulted in the shorthaul division being sent on Course 2. With wind warnings in force many boats chose smaller sails at the start to avoid being forced to change, however despite a few good puffs of 20 knots it never really set in. In fact alot of the fleet got completely becalmed at the bottom end of Waiheke. It seemed quite ironic listening to weather forecasts of up to 40 knots while flopping around going no where !

With continous rain for alot of the race quite a few boats withdrew. In fact possibly even more than in the previous windy races ! (I'll have to count up the numbers). For those who wanted more moderate conditions I'm sure they will now agree it's so much more exciting in a gale ! Bring on the breeze next year !

Our post Sublime amendments in regards to Radio communications were a huge success. The Coastguard did a outstanding job. Comments from Dougall Love "The way Coastguard handled communications was outstanding. We monitored their channel to keep up with what was happening. They chased boats they hadn't heard from, and had everyone calling in at marina berths. Superb. It was very simple. They rang me this morning and said they didn't expect it to be that easy, and had extra crew sleeping over in case. They did an outstanding job." SSANZ plans to continue to build our relationship with Coastguard and encourages all competitors to be Coastguard members.

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For the SIMRAD 100 Gareth Cooke was on the water taking some great shots of the action. If you would like one of the photos or want to view all the photos of the SIMRAD 100 visit his website and click on the link on the homepage

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