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RNZ Leg 3 Evening Sched 18 Mar

18 Mar 2012


Radio Schedule for: SSANZ Round New Zealand Race 2012 25 February 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Date/Time: 181930 nzdt Mar            
Vessel Name Callsign Position Remarks/Comments      
Danaide ZMZ8828 39 40S 177 06E Should finish during the night.      
Expedition Coppelia ZM4190 FINISHED        
Pelagian 2 ZMV5793 39 52S 177 04E All well      
Revs ZMA6702 FINISHED        
Sunstone 2VTZ 39 59S 177 02E All well      
Surreal ZMT6460 FINISHED        
Truxton ZMW3006 FINISHED        
Vingilot ZM2618 39 34S 177 03E All well approaching the finish line.