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RNZ Leg 4 Evening Sched 24 March

24 Mar 2012


Danaide 241930 nzdt Mar 36 41S 176 43E All well on board, beautiful day of sailing
Expedition Coppelia 241930 nzdt Mar 36 31S 175 48E All well on board, by far the best day of sailing this race
Pelagian 2 241930 nzdt Mar 37 02S 177 14E All well on board, finally on a rhumbline and heading for home
Revs 241930 nzdt Mar 36 53.73S 176 42.55E All well on board
Sunstone 241930 nzdt Mar 36 53S 176 54E All well on board
Surreal 241930 nzdt Mar 36 30S 175 39E All well on board, fantastic day sailing, with any luck this will be our last radio sked, so thanked MOC for radio comms during race
Truxton 241930 nzdt Mar 36 23S 176 06E  
Vingilot 241930 nzdt Mar 36 49S 176 40E All well on board, and agreed with Expedition Coppelia that this was the best day so far the whole race