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B&G Simrad 2012

2012 B&G Simrad 50 Revolution's Report

16 Jul 2012

Revolution was making an appearance in short haul spinnakers for the first time in many years. We knew we were up against it based on the course and lack of breeze. The only thing in our favour was the 1020s and Stewarts have their own divisions so we didn't have to factor them in the results, only for pride on the water.
Our plan at the start was to keep clean and fast off the line to get out before being overrun by Code 0s and longer waterlines. This worked ok but the hole 2/3 across didn't help. Snuck around Browns in company of Communique and Romany with Rewi, Delicado and Super Severance all nicely up to weather and just ahead. Nothing much changed for a while as the pecking order established itself with the multis cruising through and the Y88s and Stewarts inching though. We were well underpowered so went for the kite after wondering why it was such an unpopular option. We headed down but forward on boats around us. Had a lovely letterbox drop and climbed back up. This part didn't give us the gains we hoped as a couple of good puffs got the high boats back down to course ok. Total gain for a lot of effort about 10 boat lengths. This turned out to be important as it got us in touch with the bunch in front and we had got through Rewi and dropped Romany. Communique and Sunstone were also struggling in the light breeze.
We went low from Passage. Didn't work well initially but we changed trimming mode and slowly got through HighnFibre, a 1020, Tickled Pink, and Delicado. At the corner we snuck under a couple of Y88s and then put in a quick tack as soon as we hoped we had enough water. This worked well across to Green as we could sail a fat VMG and keep trundling vs the pinchy Y88s. We then did another little tack at Green and then waited for a puff before laying right across to Motutapu. Had a good beat around the top and got back in touch with Super Severance and hung onto the light boats. Then a nice kite ride home, gybing nice and early to get into Rangi light.
So we ended up second on line behind the bigger Farr, which we were happy with. As predicted we didn't hold our time and corrected out mid fleet in our division.
All in all a lovely day on the water. Thanks SSANZ.