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B&G Simrad 2012

2012 B&G Simrad 50 Cool Change's race report

16 Jul 2012

 Race 1 - The Cool Change Perspective

I always look forward to this series and have high expectations as I visit the various weather sites in the days leading up to the first start. Luckily the week leading up I was holiday so I was able to get everything organised by the end of Friday. The race start was pretty uneventful, even on port, as everyone had a leisurely sail towards Browns Island. Once underway the code 0 proved the sail "to have" and we made reasonable speed down towards Passage Rock. Fortunately we laid through on the one board. The big focus was concentrating on the shifts and trimming to them. We didn't do too badly on that leg. Alas!! When rolling up the code 0 the masthead halyard snapped and the lot dropped in the tide. Not too much time lost as Alex dragged it back on board but the realisation that we had no spare halyard set in. The reach to Motuihe green was a mint reach for us keeping our distance on the 88s, getting height on Pahi and slowly reeling in the Mercenary. We exercised (too much) caution around Motuihe and the Mercenary slipped through to windward.

Tacking along the eastern side of Motutapu presented its own challenges. Out wider in tide and breeze or in close!! Luckily our depth sounder(aka The Mercenary) found the bottom first. Didn't seem to cost them much time though as they screwed it around and sailed off. Great "good manners" showed by some crews as they waved us through on port too!! Made through to the top of Motutapu looking OK, and then we needed a kite. Two masthead bags and no halyard! Hoisted the fractional gennie,(no frac. kite) and felt OK for a while but as the breeze backed we were forced further out into the channel. Mercenary executed a peel from mast-head gennie to mast-head kite and were off. The highlight on the way home was the view of Lion coming down the channel two up with a gennie on. Pretty pedestrian to the finish with a couple of gybes. It took about five minutes to hoist Alex up the mast and re- thread the halyard on the marina.

Raced again Sunday with the Pons and picked up a first on handicap so made up for yesterday ,in a way.

Cool weekend and looking forward to the next race.