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ATL B&G Simrad

2013 SSANZ B&G Simrad Dates

08 Feb 2013

SSANZ B&G SIMRAD Two Handed Triple Series 2013

It's the 21st Anniversary of the SSANZ Two Handed Triple Series !

Lets make this the biggest and best series ever! In recent years we have regularly seen over 170 boats cross the startline. But if we all tell our mates and encourage them to come join in the fun there is no reason why we can't set a new record and have over 200 starters !

The SSANZ B&G Simrad series is comprised of 3 races spaced approximately one month apart and courses to cater for all sizes of keelboat (and multihulls) SSANZ has come up with a successful formula that just gets better every year. The SIMRAD Two Handed Triple Series is a must do event. 

Important dates to mark in your calender are:

Race 1 B&G Simrad 60 13th July

Race 2 B&G Simrad 100 10th August

Race 3 B&G Simrad 50 7th September

Prizegiving 4th October at RNZYS


This year the race order will be changed. The shortest race (B&G Simrad 50) has been moved to last. This is because the first race of the America's Cup will be on the 7th September (remember the time zone difference of 21 hours). By changing the order of the races all boats should finish in time and have a short rest before the America's Cup starts.  

Secondly, watch this space for further plans for the prizegiving and celebration of 21 years!