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On the water report from Coppelia

18 Feb 2014

Sorry once again for the break in transmission, yesterday was not a great day for writing on the PC, as either the water poured in the hatch, meaning the PC needed to be tucked up behind it's water proof curtain or on the other tack staying near the nav station was a challenge.

A summary of yesterday was 6 sail changes, two reefing episodes. We ended up spending much of the day under 2 reefs in the main and the #3, which was enough as we say puffs in the 30's. We started back up the sails round 10pm and have been under #1 for sometime now.

So we are on port, I am cooking us our second meal since we rounded Paliser, we have a couple of boats stacked up on our hip. We are playing the ongoing game of wanting to be left for the next left shift, but not wanting to becalmed. Both of us are happy, especially since the last time we were here we were 700nm into a leg, the winners were drinking rum and we had been on the wind for 2 days. I think the full bar of chocolate I threw into the sea since that time has made Neptune think better of us. Oh well must go I have cottage pie ready to come out the chilly bin, Rob has a roast of lamb.