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2014 RNI Leg 4 Radio Sched 6

24 Feb 2014


# Vessel Name Callsign Method of comms Position Status Remarks/Comments
1 Assassin ZMY8230 Satphone 36-46.9S 176-52.7E  Participant  both bodies now tenderised and requiring lubrication
2 Berenice ZMA3211 Satphone 36-47S 176-22E Participant  Wind is backing off.  We are running with 2 reefs and a storm jib.  Big night.
3 Blink ZMU2211 Satphone FINISHED FINISHED  
4 Bushido ZMU2190 Satphone FINISHED FINISHED  
5 Cool Change ZMY2205 Satphone 36-44S  176-30E Participant  Wet
6 Django ZMW5635 Satphone 36-46S 174-47E Participant  
7 Ficton ZMG2451 Satphone NO CONTACT Participant  
8 Focus ZMT6044 Satphone FINISHED FINISHED  
9 Gale Force ZMV5583 Satphone 36-42.1S  174-55.3E Participant  
10 Marshall Law ZMW3177 Satphone 36-27.284S 175-43.930E Participant  Broken boom but ok. 
11 Montego Bay 3 ZMV8571 Satphone 36-37 S 176-08 E.  Participant  All is well
12 Notorious ZMG2905 Satphone NO CONTACT Participant  
13 Overload ZMT9682 Satphone 36-8.329S  174-49.018E  Participant  
14 Pepe ZMS7017 Satphone 36-21S 175-44E  EMAIL  37-35S 178-22E Voice Participant  All is well just a little miserable.
15 Truxton ZMW3006 Satphone 36-25.1S 175-17.0E Participant  All well, heading for home.
16 Wandering Star ZM2994 Satphone 37-15.8S 177-29.2E  Participant  All well onboard
17 Wedgetail ZMG2584 Satphone FINISHED FINISHED  
18 Duty Free ZMV8160 HF RT 36-50S 176-33E Participant  
19 Expedition Coppelia ZM4190 HF RT 36-40S 174-59E Participant  Last Sked
20 Laissez-Faire 2 ZMG2832 HF RT FINISHED FINISHED  
21 Midnight Express ZMA2780 HF RT 36-40S 176-18E Participant  
22 White Gold ZMS8653 HF RT NO CONTACT Participant