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2014 SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple Series

Rafferty Rules Baltic 50 race report

22 Jul 2014

Rafferty Rules race was a mixed bag. Early at the start so got rolled by everyone. Although for once it was nice that all the rolling boats were the same size as us rather than twice the size as what usually happens. 
We popped the zero out and proceeded to roll back over people towards rangi light. 
Then went to the no1 and couldn't get the numbers happening. It was only when a piedy starting catching us that it dawned on me that we might have weed on. Did a big back up but in hindsight I don't think we got it all off. By this stage crocodile, nexus, fx and settlers had all done a bit of a horizon job on us. 

It all seemed ok ( except the numbers still weren't great) and we seemed to be lifting nicely towards haystack on port tack.
Got near to haystack when a fairly grunty squall came through ( and knocked us) and we popped a reef in. 10 minutes later we shook the reef out as the wind lightened again. Took about a million tacks to get around haystack. Once around haystack we knocked and then parked up in sloppy seas and heard the rich get richer as they called in at crusoe rock. We reached down to crusoe and again the wind seemed to head us and then desert us as an e7.9 rolled over us in breeze and the piedys caught us again bringing breeze down with them. 

At Crusoe it looked tight so we put up the gennakker and then peeled to the mast head kite as it shifted aft. We manged to drop the piedy's behind us and started catching the e7.9. went around Motu korea with the number 1 and unrolled our fractional zero for a bit more horsepower which seemed to work well for a lay to Illomama. Then around Illomama for the last reach to the finish where we started with the code zero and then peeled to the masthead kite as the wind deserted us again. 

Interesting conditions. I've been playing with sail set ups and have cut down an old number one off faster coyote into a fractional code zero which seems to work well to unroll while doing sail peels. I wonder how much drag I create by leaving it up upwind though and would I be much better to drop it on the foredeck when going upwind. The advantage is that if the winds backs at all we can just unroll it. 

I think I need to be more mindful of my target speeds and react faster when I think something is wrong.

Thanks for delaying the start race committee good decision. 
Well done on the other competitors the small boat fleet is seriously competitive this year.
Thanks to the volunteers on the start boat.