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2014 SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple Series

Pretty Boy Floyd Baltic 50 report

22 Jul 2014

Pretty Boy Floyd,

The start was Zero material, but with the short reach to Rangi light the thought was start at the boat with the Jib and get low before the lighter patch, instead of risking a cluster with the zero. Good choice looking at some of the other boats zero antics.

Got rolled by the big boat just before the light and had to try hard to hold up out of the vacuum behind them, Finally clear air laying navy with a shifty puffy breeze worked hard on staying fast forward without a major loss in height.

The Elysium (wise old dogs) was a little faster on the second leg (upwind) opting for the low road which worked out well for them only being a minute or so behind us at Gannet.

We were a bit quicker getting the Spinny up and managed to slip away on the run taking the low road this time ourselves this move ended up golden as we were very lucky to stay in the breeze all the way to the channel then with a little incoming tide managed to slip through without stopping into the s/easter changing to the A-3 which carried us in a lightening breeze to a slow finish just as the tide turned and the wind died for the guys behind us.

Good for us not so much for anyone behind, the turn of the tide and a little luck our way for once with the wind shutting down shattering the hopes of the boats behind to beat us on corrected.

I am glad we finished before the shut down as like dummies early am we were expecting a fast race so we were a little under prepared for a long night no food not enough clothing etc for a prolonged wet night more thought into the next one!

Good call on the delay, Did not get the txt thing to work for us but the tracker was great.

Foc and Muttley